Monday, June 28, 2010

Sea Glass from North Beach

A little while ago, I went to North Beach with a friend. And although the weather wasn't your typical ideal beach weather, I still thought that it was beautiful. Maybe even more beautiful, because I love looking dark clouds over the ocean.

North Beach is my favorite beach in Seattle. It's part of Golden Gardens Park, and there's a forest on one side, a beach on the other, and sandy dunes and a marsh.

So it's a lovely area. But the real reason why I love it so much is the sea glass. I adore sea glass, and North Beach has more than any other beach I've ever visited. The sea glass makes a trip to the beach into a treasure hunt.

My favorite colors are the dark blues and aquas, but as you can see, I don't have very much of those. I also really like lavender because I read that pale lavender glass is an indicator that some of the glass that you're collecting is very old glass. Apparently, during World War II, magnesium was used to help make glass bottles clear. When the bottles were manufactures, they were clear. But over time, exposure to UV rays has turned the glass a pale lavender color.

These pictures show some of the glass that I've collected from North Beach. If you want some too, go to North Beach, take a right, and walk as far as you can.

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