Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Victorian Gingerbread House

How gorgeous is this tiny house?

I found an article in the New York Times today, called "In the Catskills, Finding Comfort in a Little Gingerbread House." Have you ever seen a house that is so small and yet so perfect? I want a miniature home like that. I love everything, but I especially love the chandeliers.

Slideshow can be found HERE.

The tiny house reminds me a little of Mandy, a children's book by Julie Andrews Edwards (Singing in the Rain Julie Andrews, but she writes books with her last name as Edwards). In it, a girl named Mandy finds a deserted cottage and secretly begins to decorate it according to her fantasies. It becomes her private get-away, someplace she can go to be alone and think. And although the story may sound a little trite and twee, (okay, maybe it is kind of trite) it is also completely charming and adorable.

When I was younger, I fantasized about finding someplace beautiful and private and unknown, like in The Secret Garden. So I adored this book, and I read it until it was falling apart.


  1. Wow, I cant believe someone else has read 'Mandy'. My American cousins sent me it years ago, when I was about 10 I think, and I still read it now (usually at Christmas time!), its one of my faves.
    And this house really is amazing, I want one! Doubt it would fit my DVD/book/clothing collection tho...

  2. I love Mandy! It is so comforting. Some of Julie Andrews Edwards' other books are really good, too. I loved The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.

  3. Ooh I wanted to read that but never managed to get it. Got 'Diamonds in the window' at the same time as 'Mandy' - cant remember who wrote it but its also tatty now!

  4. How funny! I just bought The Diamond in the Window from a used book store a few days ago. It's by Jane Langton and I used to love it when I was a girl. I still think that it's a great book!